Our Mission: Food, Education, Medicine



Volunteering keeps you in regular contact with others and helps you develop a solid support system which in turn protects you against stress and depression when you are going through challenging times.


It provides you with a sense of purpose ,sense of community and helps you meet new friends.


It increases your social skills, teaches you valuable skills  and improves your self esteem.


This can all be achieved when you give your time and resources to the papa’s hands foundation and our hands are always open for you to work with you.


You can help us know where you want to dedicate your time and resources.

The schools mental health awareness tours

Here you meet students in different communities and help them know the importances of mental health awareness relating to education , serve nutritious meals to them , dance and inspire them with the skills you have for example dance and music skills will help you most to connect with the children in our communities  

The Malaika medical Clinic

Are you an expert in general medics and healing , our aim is treating malaria and other related sanitation diseases and here we want you to give your time at our clinic and our medical camps organized to treat big numbers in our communities ,advising them on how to live in healthy environments and fighting malaria in their homes.  

Donating your time and skills here is life changing  

Our community Food Support program

Are you able to make home visits and make new friends while helping us distribute food aid to the Families in our communities ? 

If yes ! you are probably going to experience culture and love from from the people we serve Here you will walk distances on a door to door home visits as you hear stories from the children , Seniors and youths of our communities It is a great experience to reach to the people we serve  

The Recharge Uganda community resource center

Are you an expert about mental health awareness? and you want to utilize your skills and Knowledge, we call you to donate your time and work with us at our recharge center.  

You will meet new people and also work with the children under our recharge care system where you will teach them the elements of speaking out their fears , and also teach them some skills on how to how handle related mental health problems You will also be able to meet our seniors, single mothers and other people who might be challenged with mental health problems We will allow you to do your study freely and make your reports  


In order to use the majority of the donations for programs and resources, we rely on a team of dedicated volunteers who give their and talents to help PHF succeed  We are always looking for more volunteers to expand our capabilities and grow our organization.


We need people like you Some areas where we can always use help are social media , clerical work spreadsheets, website maintenance, writing, editing , fundraising among others.


For expressions of interest for volunteer opportunities in our PHF  office please fill out the form below