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Seniors Program

Population ageing has become a global concern in the past two decades, improvement in the health care systems, decreased fertility rates and reduction in child mortality have contributed to the phenomenon. 


Living alone poses a high risk of poor health conditions and outcomes among older persons, poor psychological wellbeing, threatens their financial and social wellbeing and the $8 received by the seniors above 65 years from our Ugandan government is least to help them access the quality basics of life for example food, medical care and water.


In addition, the HIV/AIDS epidemic has virtually left most of the older persons to reside alone or with grandchildren due to the loss of their adult children.


We want to improve the lives of our seniors in our communities with the hand that we forward to them

The ability to meet their basics for healthy ageing is vital and that is our aim for all the years we have been walking with them.

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We have extended nutritious food aid to many seniors in our communities and we work tirelessly to ensure that no senior goes to bed hungry.


Because they are less catered too they find it difficult to access food in time, we want you to join us too and give what towards this aging class of people in our community.


As it takes just $25 to help one senior access nutritious meals a month.


As an inadequate diet can lead to impaired decision making, fatigue, and can also slow down reaction time and poor diet can actually aggravate and may also lead to stress and depression

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Because our seniors are weak and its always difficult for them to reach hospitals in time and their financial status is down as they have limited sources of income, their health care is stressing and left un -catered too.


Papa’s hands foundation is working on this with their home visits to these seniors where we reach to them with the medical care response they need it time and on a monthly basis.


You can give to this life changing program for the people who fought for our nation and promote independence at their homes.


It takes just a small donation of $10 a month to help one senior to access the medical services he or she needs to feel appreciated and valuable in our community wheel.

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Aging is a bit stressing and leaves every one depressed, thinking that that no one loves you, no one caters to you, no one will help you and your movements ,we want to end this and we are ending this more specially with the seniors we serve.


Last year we gave support stands and wheel chairs to those who are disturbed with the mobility difficulties in our communities and we want to continue doing the same.


Your donations and support can push us further.


$250 helps one senior to get a wheelchair and smile again.

She or he can meet friends, and share memories.


$30 can help one senior to get a support stick that will help one of our seniors overcome the difficulties in mobility.


Donate now. Change lives today

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Are you there and would love to donate your time as you meet one of our seniors in our communities?.


It’s probably a yes from our crew and this is the best time to do so.


This will help them feel loved, catered too and recognized valuable to our community wheel.


Helping them kill the boredom and sharing memories with them  is truly a solution to the mental health difficulties they face in their daily lives.


Come we smile together and share history of our culture and people with them.

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