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Food Program

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Food Program.

In Uganda Africa we have observed that the communities we work with are the most vulnerable and the poorest regions with income poverty and and food poverty. 


The population is high with livelihoods based on a day to day income where missing meals is at a high rate and of recent a growing range of  diversified livelihood activities.


The region continues to have the highest food insecurity and malnutrition levels in Uganda due to factors related to inadequate food , poor dietary diversity ,  structural poverty, limited livelihood options , poor hygiene and sanitation and disease , with a recent overall improvement in water safe water sources but low water use.


We can’t sit back and observe this because we want to help our communities grow and the children live in a life where they can access the basics of their lives majorly food.


We ripped off a food support program in our communities to help them access nutritious daily meals for over  three years now and we have reached more than 800 people with our food aid.


Because good nutrition significantly affects every persons mental health as a well balanced diet can help us think clearly and feel more alert ,improve concentration and attention span , we want to help our communities grow with you and a help you can forward to us.


Be it feeding one family for a month ,helping our sponsored children access nutritious meals.


It takes just 100$ to help feed a family a month 

Help us create long lasting impact to the lives of our children 

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Our Goal

Our Achievement

Our Missions