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We support the Seniors & Children Improving thier Healthcare

Improving geriatric healthcare for Seniors and General healthcare for Children In communities where healthcare is stretched and limited, we make sure people can see a doctor and get the care that they need.

What's the problem?

In poorer countries, older people struggle to get the specialist healthcare they need. There aren't many hospitals or clinics - the nearest might be miles and miles away, so you can't just pop to the GPs
You might have to get a local bus or motorcycle taxi to the clinic - but you might not have enough money
When you get to the clinic, healthcare might not be free and medicines could be too expensive Even if you can afford to pay, the doctor might not be able to treat you because geriatric training is so limited

How we help

Our healthcare work ranges from community-community, depending on the needs of older people in that area and the existing healthcare climate. In general, we do the following healthcare work around our communities of Masaka, Uganda:

Supporting independence at home

Supporting independence at home

Glasses & walking sticks

Independence is important at all ages. Our free prescription glasses, adjustable walking sticks and hearing aids are helping to restore independence and confidence to older people worldwide.
Losing your sight or ability to walk can mean losing your independence. But something as simple as a pair of glasses can change an older person's life.

What we do

We give out mobility aids to people who need them but can't afford them.
Prescription Glasses, Height-Adjustable Metal Walking Sticks, Hearing Aids, Wheelchairs

Meet our volunteer carers

Not everyone can be cared for by their family, which is why we train and support volunteer carers who visit extremely vulnerable older people in their homes

The bonds built between people and their carers are incredible - for some of the people our volunteers visit, this will be the most they speak to another person all week.
In countries where geriatric healthcare is severely limited, our trained volunteers can offer a level of care which would be almost impossible to find elsewhere - all for free.
Papa's Hands Foundation's volunteer carers cook and clean for people who are bedbound. Carers also check blood pressure, run rehabilitation exercises, and give out medicines.

We’ve supported 120 Seniors around Masaka District with a volunteer team of 30 young people.

Our Events

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Annual Twaweza Fundriser

Lets dine with Seniors and raise funds to support them sustainably.

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International Day for Older Persons 2020

On this day, we support the Seniors to have a better life.

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Our Partners.

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