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Give a helping hand for Seniors & Children comforts our hands for those who kept our world for us

Pure Water
For Seniors & Children

With the Old age and living in Rural communities, the only water sources are the pit wells: We provide reliable water services and sources.

Healty Food
For Seniors & Children

With Agriculture being the main source of food, farming becomes the only way to it: Which the Seniors & Children can no longer be able to engage.

Facilities for Seniors & Children

The Aging and long distances to health facilities which at times not acessible affects Seniors & Children, we provide in-house calls with medical personnel.

Pure Education
For Children

Aids and other causes increases the ophans rate which are taken up by the Seniors and thier Education support becomes a huge challenge

Helped Seniors & Children

Hundres of Seniors & Children in only Masaka District esspecially in Bukakata and neighbouring places will only have a chance to be supported

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However small the donation can be, it can be an amazing contribution to support "Contact us" site. By calling (+256) 703467479.

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